Now you too can have Pub and Bar Reviews on your own site!

If you're looking for unique, customisable content to keep your visitors coming back you need RatePubs content. Whether your site is geographical or themed, large or small you can add our content for free and make an incredibly sticky site!
To see an example of how our content has been fully integrated into high-traffic sites take a look at A Guest Of Ireland, Australia Pub Guide or A Guest Of Europe

We curently provide the content in a choice of formats and APIs;

XML, and iFrame are fully interactive. Visitors to your site can read information and reviews and can in turn leave their own.
Of the three XML gives you the greatest control over how the information looks but also takes the most effort to set-up. iFrame is the easiest, requiring just one line of code to be copied.

RSS allows you to show the information only.

To get started select the type of feed you would prefer;
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    Basically anyone is free to use the content and APIs, though the copyright remains ours and we do reserve the right to remove, restrict or edit the feed at any time.

    You can use this only on a web site and all we require in return is that you credit us (including a link back to us) on a page within one click of your front page

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