Now you too can have Pub and Bar Reviews on your own site!

Our new iframe version now allows you to add RatePubs interactive content to your site with one line of code. Simply cut and paste this one line and not only will your visitors be able to read and write reviews but they can also join a community on your site.

Not only is iFrame the easiest implementation we have but, since it includes our membership function, it is also the version with the greatest functionality. Visitors can join RatePubs, edit their profiles and leave reviews...all from your site. Create your own community!

The Code

To integrate the iframe into your site simply cut and paste the following line into the relevant place on your page;

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0">


The single line above is all that is required to implement the complete function in your own site. However there is some customisation available.
-You can preselect the country and town.
-You can edit the search capability to prevent the user from choosing either town or country.
-You can even ensure that only a specific type of premises is shown by using keywords.

You may wish to take advantage of these capabilites if, for instance, your site is a guide to a specific town or theme. For instance you could choose to show only Irish bars in Edinburgh, Scotland and at the same time prevent visitors from searching outside the city.

As an example of how you can modify these we will build the example mentioned above;

You can specify any country or US state by using the word 'searchcountry'.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0">

This will ensure that, on first loading the page, the default is to show premises in Scotland.

You can specify a town with the word 'searchtown'.
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0">

You can specify that only pubs and bars of a specific type are shown. This is done by the use of keywords. A Pub can, on becoming a free member, enter a range of keywords to describe their premises and facilities. These are not seen by visitors but are used by the system to classify the pub. The use of keywords for this function gives a great deal of flexibility. You can access this in your implementation to ensure only certain types of pub or bar is shown.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0">

You can have up to 5 keywords named keyword1, keyword2 etc. These are used in an AND type query ie. for a premsies to be selected it must have ALL the keywords you specify.

Keywords are a new addition to RatePubs and as yet have not been widely implemented. So be careful when using them as you may have few premises returned as yet.

NOTE: If you are showing a specific type of bar or a pub with a specific facility, you can ensure that any premises entered into the system via your web site automatically includes the relevant keywords. You can do this by adding the phrase 'enterkeywords' as shown here;
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0">

Limiting searches
The implementation we have built now shows Irish Pubs in Edinburgh, Scotland when a visitor goes to the page. While it will always be limited to showing Irish Pubs, the visitor can use the search bar to access other towns in Scotland or even other countries.
If your site is exclusively focused on Edinburgh this is something you probably don't want. You can limit the searchable are by using the searchbar command.
searchbar takes two values - 1 or 2. If you set searchbar=1 then the visitor will be unable to change the country but can still change town in the country or state. With searchbar=2 they are unable to change country or town.
Since our implementation is exclusivley Edinburgh based we want searchbar=2
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0">

As you can see a complex, interactive, and content-rich addition to your site can be achieved very easily. This implementation can be customised by you or you can allow your visitors access to the complete content of RatePubs. Whichever you choose we hope it will provide a valuable addition to your site. We would also encourage you to register in order that we can keep you informed of any future updates or addition to the service.

Terms of Use

Basically anyone is free to use the content and APIs, though the copyright remains ours and we do reserve the right to remove, restrict or edit the feed at any time.

You can use this only on a web site and all we require in return is that you credit us (including a link back to us) on a page within one click of your front page

Register for updates

While you don't need to give us your email address we advise that you do so we can keep you informed of any relevant changes. We won't use this for any other purpose nor will we keep sending you irrelevant mails.

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