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  • It's Free!

  • Meet others!
    RatePubs brings you many benefits beyond the simple listing of bars. We make it possible to find people who like places you do, keep in touch with them, and even get recommendations of other premises you might like directly from them.
    Our Networking facilities give you lots of opportunity to meet people on your own terms...

    As a member you get to create a profile letting people know about you. You can make friends and keep up on what's happening to each other with MyNews. Or communicate directly with your friends (either individually or as a group) with our messaging service. You can even tag each other!

    MyLocal allows people to quickly and easily identify bars you visit when you're in town. Use this to get recommendations from others who visit the same bar, as an icebreaker to meet all your fellow regulars in that bar, or just to check out those who like the same places you do.
    And if you tell us your crushes we'll even help you find out if the feeling is mutual.

  • Get Personal Recommendations Of Bars To Visit!
    As a member you automatically get Personal Recommendations of pubs and bars to visit. Using your reviews, MyLocal settings, and friends we make it easy to find somewhere you'll enjoy...wherever you find yourself.

  • Add to the Rating of a Bar
    While non-members can leave reviews and ratings only the ratings of registered members count towards the bars official rating.

  • Tell people a little bit about yourself.
    When you become a member you can tell people a little bit about yourself and even include a picture. Information includes your age, sex, marital status, occupation and more. You can even keep people up to date with all the news as it happens to you with MyNews or allow people to tag you.
    Always under your control, you decide how much information to make available. You can even make some information public and keep others just for your friends.

  • Allow people to pick a pub based on your recommendations.
    When you become a member you give your reviews a bit more authority. People who try and enjoy a pub you recommended can see other pubs you liked or disliked. This can help people decide on a pub with a bit more confidence. And with Personal Recommendations, MyFriends, and MyLocals your opinions automatically generate recommendations for others who share your preferences.

  • Create Tours.
    Tours allow you to group bars together according to any criteria you like. A fun way to show links between bars they can be of general interest, or just linked by your own experiences. Whatever the link it's fun to see the links between bars. When you become a member you can create tours for others to see.

  • Join In With The Conversations
    Every bar on now has its own Conversation Corner. This is its own unique place where you can chat with others about events in the bar itself, or about the world in general. Pubs are all about meeting new people and now members have another way to do so.

  • Show your reviews on your web site!
    You can now show your reviews automatically and instantly on your own web page...wherever that is. This is a great way to let people know about you or to start a discussion. You add one line of code (which we provide) into your web page and we do all the work in keeping your page updated with your reviews! Alternatively you can just show the bars you love, in exactly the same way.

  • Get all our new services as they come online!
    We have a range of other services planned or being discussed. You will automatically be told about them as they come online.

    Oh, did we mention it's FREE???

    COMING SOON....Search profiles, browse by tags...and lots more!!

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